SK Planet 1:1 Fighting Tournament
This match is a 1:1 match between Player 1 and Player 2's code, and the programming language is JAVASCRIPT.
After checking the game rules, writing the codes for Player 1 and Player 2, click the Start Game button to start the match.
1 game consists of 5 rounds, 1 round consists of 100 turns.
Code battle's lifecycle callback functions are onGameStart, onRoundStart, onTurnStart, onTurnEnd, onRoundEnd, onGameEnd, and you have to implement your own logic on each function.
Building a basic strategy of the game, analyzing your opponent's pattern and returning the best choice from onTurnStart is the key to winning.
The game rules

Player 1

Player 2

Player 1Player 2
Player 1Player 2
Player 1Player 2
The entire game log is displayed in the area below.
If you or the opponent's screen is not visible, the communication speed will be slower.